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Derrick’s Early Season Tiger fly

Hook: Nymph no12 or 14 Rib: orange thread, yellow/orange antron, Hackle/Tail: yellow floss for tail. orange dyed partridge for hackle Method: Take thread down to appoint opposite the barb. Catch in the floss to form the tail with orange antron – must stay straight. Take cotton up the eye & tie in orange & yellow […]

Trevor’s small palmered green dry

Hook: Size 18 Rib: yellow fine floss Hackle/Tail: olive hackle Method: Run silk down the hook. Tie in small olive hackle at the bend end Wind in dubbing loop made with the yellow fine floss Wind up the hook using open turns the olive hackle. tie in and whip finish.

Trevor’s flatback dry

Hook: Size 14 Kamersan 752 Rib: mixed claret, ginger & olive dubbing Hackle/tail: Black cock hackle for wings and grizzle for thorax. Method: Run silk down the hook. wind in dubbing loop. tie in tip end black cock hackle at eye having swept the hackles to tie in point (see picture). Add a grizzle hackle […]

Glyn’s Tarpon Flies

Hook: to suite – say 2/0 or 3/0 Rib: eye – stick ons Hackle/Tail: magnum zonker strip colours- black olive orange purple collar hackle – Black tail with red hackle purple- magenta orange -black olive – black also need gold krystal flash Method: Silk the shank. Tie in a 30lb loop of monofilament to support […]