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Trip to Sutton Veney on the Wylye

This month a group of our members went down to our usual venue on the Wylye at Sutton Veney. Fingers were firmly crossed that water levels would not be too high and that the ranunculus was not too rampant as it has been elsewhere on the river. We arranged for a breakfast to be available […]

Stuart Crofts Tan Dancer Soft Wing Caddis

Tan Dancer Soft-Wing Caddis Hook – Partridge SLD size 18 Thread – Lt. Olive 8/0 Unithread Body – Fine poly type dubbing (such as Wapsi superfine dryfly dubbing), colour to match the natural Wing – Tan poly yarn or Aero wing (camel) Thorax – Tan coloured CDC Tying sequence for this fly is: 1. Start […]

Stuart Crofts Agapetus Emerger

Agapetus Caddis Emerger (ACE) – 2010 MK2 update   Hook – Partridge SLD size 20 (or similar) Thread – Rust Brown 8/0 Unithread Body – March Brown Wapsi superfine dryfly dubbing Legs/outriggers – Pearl micro flash (Veniards) Sighter – White poly yarn Thorax – Mole Tying sequence for this emerger is: Start thread just behind […]

Stuart Crofts Detached Body Caddis Emerger

Detached Body Caddis Emerger   Hook – Partridge SLD size 12 – 16 Thread – Unithread 8/0 – colour to match body Body – detached type (either using prepared poly yarn, chenille or your own favourite design). The colour to match the naturals such as pale yellow, green or tan) Legs/outriggers – dark micro flash […]

Stuart Crofts Detached Body Caddis Pupae

Detached Body Caddis Pupae A generic pattern that I have been working on for several years and is now well tested on the fish. It is based on the two most obvious aspects of a live swimming caddis pupae, these are the very translucent and succulent abdomens and pronounced dark wing pads. Hook – Partridge […]