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The Hopper Popper Hybrid



This fly rides high in the water, makes rings when it lands and makes a wake when it is fished through the surface.

This is a silhouette style fly, ideal for fish in the top six feet of the water


Materials Required

Hook – Kamasan B830 Size 12/10 (or equivalent)

Thread – Danvilles 6/0

Legs – Pheasant Tail

Dubbing – Seals Fur (or equivalent)

Hackle – Badger or Grizzle Cock

Rib – Wire or Tinsel


Tying Method/Sequence

Tie knots in the Pheasant Tail fibres for the legs

Lay a base of thread on the hook in touching turns

Tie in the rib

Tie in the Pheasant Tail legs

Add the dubbing making a carrot style shape stopping 2-3 mm from the hook eye

Wind on the rib in open turns and lock into place before trimming off

Cut the Booby Foam at an acute angle (a point on sheet foam) and tie in at the eye

Tie in a little more dubbing to the foam

Tie in the hackle and cover the base of the foam

Tie off with a whip finish


Variants to the fly style

Tie in a little sparkle/flash under the hackle

Strike point a few turns of ribbing at the base of the body