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Risk Assessment – Boat Fishing



NB. It is the duty of the Worcester Fly Dressers to familiarise its members with the principles of Safety and Risk

Assessment. Members must be aware of the risks involved in angling. It is a requirement of partaking in this

organised fishing day that all anglers read, understand and accept this Fishing Day Safety & Risk Assessment

Statement by signing the acceptance form.

General Risks associated with Boat Angling:

Paths Slips, trips and falls can be dangerous so only use obvious paths beside the river.

Banks Beware of undercuts in banks and take particular care when banks are wet and slippery.

Power Lines Beware of sailing or fishing close to power lines and remember that electricity can travel over considerable distances. You are ideally earthed when in the water and graphite (rod?) is an excellent conductor!

Lightning Where possible, make your way back to the jetty and take shelter in the “lodge”

Casting Always show consideration towards other people on the boat and ensure you have suitable eye protection and appropriate clothing.

Trees Fishing under trees can be unsafe in windy conditions. Beware of falling branches into the boat and drifting into the bank.

Insects Use insect repellent when necessary.

Diseases Wiels disease is transmitted in Rat and Cow urine. Never put wet line or equipment in your mouth. Wash your hands or use antiseptic wipes before eating or smoking. Use waterproof plasters on cuts or abrasions. Undesirable bacteria may be present in animal droppings and the reservoir water – take suitable precautions.

Hypothermia Ensure that suitable clothing, including life jackets is worn.

Sun Suitable clothing, high factor sun screen and sun glasses are advised.


Location:                                                                                               Date:

Specific hazards leading to the associated risks noted above:

  1. Wear Life vests, note some fisheries insist on this requirement
  2. A mobile phone is useful in case of emergencies; please note the fishing lodge telephone number before you leave the jetty.
  3. Sun/prescription/ safety spectacles should be worn for your own protection against wayward flies.
  4. When boarding boat, ensure boat is tied and stable, secure boat prior to disembarking. Use team work – one in boat to receive bags, rods, nets etc from fishing partner on quay side.
  5. Row out to a good depth before engaging engine to avoid grounding  and to avoid any snags with weed etc
  6. Ensure Oars are in boat and that the Rowlocks are in good condition should you need to row back to shore.
  7. Avoid standing at all times, particularly when boat is in motion.
  8. Raise and lower anchors carefully to avoid back strain.
  9. Avoid back casting across your partner.
  10. It is advisable to wear a good sun block, the sun reflects off the water.
  11. Act in a sensible manner and respect other reservoir users.

Note: Worcester Fly Dressers accepts no liability of whatsoever nature arising from death or bodily injury or for loss of, or damage to, property of any kind.

I acknowledge the above risk assessment and have duly noted its contents.

Signed:    ……………………………………………………………