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Risk Assessment – Weil’s Disease or Leptospirosis

With every start to a new season we will all be spending considerably more time on the banks of lakes, streams and rivers. We must  be mindful of all risks associated with angling and one of them is Weil’s disease which is transmitted by rats and, of course, rats are always near to water of some kind.

The link I have placed below shows a simple fact sheet that you might all look at please for your own safety. I am investigating whether I can obtain a small fact card that is wallet sized and which I can obtain and distribute to you.

On a personal note, myself, Roger and Martin always carry Anti-bacterial hand gel whilst fishing to cleanse our hands before eating and after fishing. This is really important after bank clearing sessions. I had a work colleague who contracted this disease some years ago and was seriously ill for many months but who fortunately recovered.

There is a wealth of information on this topic if you search on line.